Winning Ideas For Corporate Breakfast Delivery!!

new york bagel company competition prize fulfilment

Over the last 8 months, Corporate breakfast box/es have been our most popular corporate gift with logo and are usually ordered for business breakfast meetings. 

We have delivered our standard corporate gifts for employees and corporate gifts for clients uk in the form of breakfasts, or our posh breakfasts  and also numerous bespoke corporate breakfasts ideas for corporate clients. 

Many of our clients are looking for corporate breakfast event ideas. We are happy to supply corporate breakfast catering through out the UK.

Our breakfasts have included a combination of croissants, pain au chocolat, muffins, peanut butter, waffles, bananas, porridge, cereal bars, granola, jam, prosecco, fruit pots, salmon, honey, orange juice, nutella, cream cheese, pumpkin seeds, tea and coffee!!

When TLC Marketing approached us to deliver prize fulfilment on behalf of the New York Bagel Company we were ecstatic!  It was the first time we’d heard from TLC Marketing so we felt honoured that they trusted us to deliver for such a big household name. It really is opportunities like this that give small businesses like us a chance to grow (thank you TLC!).

We developed a rapport immediately with Lucy and Georgie from TLC who were brilliant throughout the process, always communicating effectively, listening to our advice and most importantly trusting that we would always deliver.

We’d delivered breakfasts fit for one or two people before, but delivering food to feed a whole family was next level! Our mission was to deliver 35 breakfasts a week to competition winners over an 8 week period. We worked with TLC to tailor the breakfasts for specific dietary requirements that included Vegan and also created a box with long life bagels for winners who were in Ireland.

TLC ordered the long life stock which was sent to us and therefore we developed a stock management system that would be used and shared with TLC so they could manage ordering appropriately. It was then our job to purchase the packaging materials (boxes, shred, cool bags, ice packs, protective sleeves), the fresh items (orange juice, bananas cream cheese and salmon) and lovingly create the hampers each week.

Each box included: 2 x packs of New York Bakery Co. The Original Bagel, Orange Juice, Bananas, Peanut Butter, Jam, Coffee, Salmon, Cream Cheese, Nutella, Pumpkin and Poppy Seeds. The Vegan version saw the salmon, cream cheese and nutella being swapped out for suitable alternatives (for those interested Squeaky Bean NYC Deli Pastrami style slices was a brilliant plant based option!).

Each box was stuffed with eco-friendly, recyclable brown shred and a winners postcard to ensure it was fit for a winner once it had travelled in the postage system.

We are all about sustainable materials and therefore we sourced cool bags and ice packs that could be reused time and time again by the winners ensuring there was as little waste as possible and that any waste was recyclable.

We used an overnight postal service to ensure that the fresh items were delivered on time (we did lots of testing of cool bags and ice packs moving across the postage system in differing temperatures to ensure everything was still on point on arrival).

The logistics of this job gave the team a real buzz due to the nature of the items included. There were items that had to be ordered within a very specific time frame – order too early and them items would be out of date by the time they reached the recipients, order too late and we would not receive them in time to dispatch in the hampers. We had particular fun testing the best way to send bananas across land (and sometimes sea!) without them becoming bruised.

In total, 280 breakfasts were delivered to lucky winners across the UK and Ireland. In total over the last 8 months we have delivered Breakfast boxes (of varying shapes and sizes) to 1600 recipients.

If you need ideas for corporate breakfast or a business breakfast quote for a team meeting, conference or virtual event, or competition prize fulfilment we’d love to hear from you!

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